I had my first spiritual experiences at the age of 17 although now realise I had been sensing spirit from around four years old.  I have spent the last 46 years plus devoted to spirit in many ways - learning by sitting in circles, reading many books and taking courses at well known spiritual organisations, meeting and learning from some of the very best tutors.  I am still and always will be
learning more.

Being able to connect people to their loved ones is something I love to be able to do, sometimes finding their loved ones are able to offer advice as if they were still here, or bring closure to some situations is extremely and comforting and healing to my clients. 

 On my  journey I have been led to the Shamanic way of life and developed my skills in journeying,  Soul Retrievals, Shamanic Healing, and Teaching this subject. 


I love to watch other people develop their skills and feels happy to have helped them.


Nowadays, I sit in a physical circle, run a Shamanic Group, and run a circle for
development of mediumship and spiritual awareness. 

I have written my  first book CIRCLE OF LIFE.

I offer private readings and also take bookings for private parties and events. 


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